Societies, Sub-Publishing and Licensing Income

Collection statements from societies and sub-publishers can be a nuisance. Archaic data formats, cryptic abbreviations, wrongly assigned royalties, and incompatible work IDs are huge challenges. ALV shields you from most of it.

Your authors and administered publishers will be stunned at how precisely and comprehensively you can control and process all income data, including direct licensing and sub-publishing revenues.

ALV is not a black box: You can be sure that all income will be correctly calculated, and you can oversee and control the whole process. ALV identifies errors in your data using multiple levels of validation, interactive error list and control reports, thus helping you to deal with issues swiftly  and efficiently.

Income Data Processing

You are not alone in suffering from "cryptic data syndrome". However, ALV is here to help. It knows the ins and outs of statements from numerous collecting societies (GEMA, SUISA, AKM/AUME), imports them natively and checks each incoming line. If currency conversions are required, ALV lets you enter them freely and flexibly in a so-called "WUF" field (CCF: currency conversion factor). And if you ever receive income statements which ALV does not support natively, no worries: we always provide import templates in Excel formats.

Income data can be imported in ALV and directly processed for ERP or statement management.

Direct Importers for Publishers

Sub-publishing revenues, direct licensing, and ERP

Your sub-publishing revenues get either imported natively or by way of an ALV Excel template. The latter also processes direct income and licensing (sync, score printing, grand rights, etc.) and makes all your income importable to ALV. In addition, you can use the ERP system integrated into ALV. Issue invoices for your sync deals, sheet music sales, songbooks, and any other kind of sales and let these flow into your royalty statements based on your requirements. ALV automatically generates invoice numbers, performs due checks, and in the case of foreign revenues, supports currency conversions.

Alisa Wessel, CEO of Alisa Wessel Musikverlag

Alisa Wessel

Alisa Wessel Musikverlag


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