Generate Royalty Statements at the Push of a Button

Most people feel perplexed when it comes to royalty statements. Thanks to the continuous care and error lists, ALV dissolves all confusion into thin air.

With ALV, your royalty statements will be generated literally at the press of a button. And the result? Statements get unraveled down to the smallest detail.

We have known this struggle for a decade now, which is why we are particularly proud of the complex contract and statement management section of ALV. 

Statements at the push of a button. After processing the data ALV offers a transparent and clear overview of your files and budget.

Statements at the push of a button

From a summarizing cover page to digital and physical sheets to the evaluation of sales to several contracts of a licensor, ALV offers statements that illuminate the sales from all angles. This creates a precise overview for you, but most importantly, it strengthens the relationship of trust between you and your artists and licensors through the enormous transparency.

Contracts, chargeable costs, reserves, and returns

Issues like chargeable costs, advanced payment reductions, return reserves, etc., are a breeze with ALV. 

Once entered in ALV, you never have to worry about the complexity of your contracts again. Because from now on, ALV does the work for you.

In the label contracts you can insert your parties and tracks involved in this agreement.

ALV can also calculate with carry-forward by archiving your statements. Do not worry about advanced payments or returns.

Statements with carry-forward

There are some cases where an amount is not reaching the payout value that was contractually decided. Or the amount is in the negative because of chargeable costs, advanced payments, or returns. 

Again, in this case, you don't have to worry at all. In the course of archiving your statements, you can tell ALV if the amount should be reserved for the next statement. 
This simplifies your work since you don't have to keep these numbers in your head.


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