Manage Repertoire and Royalties in the Cloud

From Copyright and Metadata management, to Income Controlling to Royalty Statements for Writers, Artists and administered Publishers: ALV handles it all. And more.

ALV helps label and publishing companies automate administrative tasks: Repertoire and Royalties management. For exactly that reason ALV was founded over 10 years ago and has remained true to its motto: Automating the Business of Music. With ALV you gain more time for what you love - Music.

Our customers are jazz labels like ACT Music, music publishers like the Meisel Group, hip hop specialists like distri and classical orchestras like the Berlin Philharmonics. What do they share? They discover and promote outstanding artists and authors and publish great music.

This is where our royalty software comes in. We support you with extensive cloud solutions that digitize your business, accelerate administration and make music royalties transparent. Only if your numbers and metadata are correct can you build up trust and let creativity flow. 

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ALV: Cloud Software for Label and Publishers

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