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From repertoire and contract management to income tracking and royalty statements, ALV is the complete solution to digitize your publishing business. 

With ALV, modern music publishers can access their copyright data, income statistics and licensor statements anytime and anywhere, whether in the office, home office, or on the go.

Hesitant to change? You want to ensure the future viability of your business by keeping everything as is? No worries: We will accompany you during all phases of migration.


All Copyright Data at your Fingertips

ALV takes your catalogue of works, writers, publishers, sub- and co-publishers, and presents it in a fast and easily accessible user interface. See splits, connected contracts, relationships to tracks and releases at a glance. Export your work data for your publishing partners and copyright societies in CWR or Excel format. Register works at the push of a button.


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Publishing Screen with selectable actions

Process any Royalties and Income, from Societies, Sub-Publishers and your Direct Licensing

With ALV, as a cloud platform, you can process all kinds of income data from collecting societies all over the world, foreign revenues of your direct society memberships, sub-publishing income and direct licensing. All incoming and outgoing money can be checked and controlled. Interactive error lists, across-the-board royalty checks and validation firewalls at multiple stages make sure that you have peace of mind and your business under control.


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Royalty Statements generated like magic, for all Licensors and every Period you choose

ALV generates royalty statements for each of your licensors in Excel and PDF format with a high-level cover sheet, a separate "details" sheet which lists all revenue flows down to the cent, and a compact, per-work overview. A separate "Top 10 and Diagram" one-pager shows the most important metrics for each licensor at a glance. You can download all statements in one go and get an extra "payment list" for your overview and to help you with wire transfers. From common splits to refunding, from territory limitations to flat-rate deductions - the scope of ALV royalty calculations is almost limitless.


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Royalty Statements with Diagram

Icon for refunds. Refunds are calculated with ALV automatically for you.


Automated, ownership share-weighted refunding of royalties from your publisher's share to interested parties involved and PWR-represented in your works.

Icon for sub-publishing statements. As well as royalty statements they are transparent and detailed to be given to your foreign partners.

Sub-Publishing Statements

Process sub-publishing revenues with automated work identification using any number of foreign work IDs, and based on final or At Source monies.

Icon for CWR import/export. This functions helps you to operate internationally by handing out data in CWR-form which will get access to nearly all societies worldwide and foreign partners.

CWR Data Sharing

Connecting internationally with publishing partners and societies using the CWR copyright data file format is made easy with ALV.

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“Clearly laid out and tidy documentation of copyrights and a rapid generation of royalty statements – ALV is saving a lot of time and is enjoyable to use!”


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