All of Your Sales Data in One Place

With the increasing number of streaming platforms, sales data are skyrocketing: Mostly not monetarily but in Excel rows.

That often leads to neither correct nor transparent data. For this reason, we try to offer as many direct importers as possible.

When you work with ALV, file loss, duplicates, and errors in processing become a thing of the past.

All of Your Data in One Place

While the sales data used to be fairly straightforward, today, you have to process thousands of Excel rows to get a few euros. With ALV, you can collect all these Excel files in one place and process them automatically. 

Collect all of your files from different sources in your account and let them be processed automatically.

direct importers for labels

Import your Data directly into ALV

ALV supports a very large selection of importers for sales data of all kinds.

"My distribution partner is not on the list of direct importers. Now what?" No panic.

For cases such as foreign sales that are not so well known in Germany or with other types of income, such as license income from compilations, merch, synchs, etc., there is our in-house template, which can be easily filled with copy/paste and also imported.

Trust is good, control is better

With ALV, you not only have the automation and convenience, but you also have all sales data at a glance. You can always see at any time from which source, i.e., which sales your files come, and which period you have already imported. So you can always check whether all files of your sales are up to date for billing. 

Royalty Statement in excel and pdf format