Setup Consulting for a great start using ALV

The required setup consulting has been with us for some years now, and experience has shown that the customers who had the setup consulting work longer and more actively with ALV. 

It serves as a quick and, above all, clean "turnkey" handover of the account, with which you can get started right away, without having to go through an elaborate familiarization phase on your own.

There have been cases where ALV has never been used properly because the complexity has not been fully understood. So, they burned their money, which neither we nor the customers want.

The minimal setup consulting package of 8 hours is mandatory and a prerequisite for ordering and using ALV.

It is typically used over a period of between 4 and 8 weeks and it must be used and billed in full during this period.

In the same way, larger packages can extend over longer periods of time. Setup consulting takes place via Zoom.

Costs of Setup Consulting and Package Savings

8 hours 3 days (24 hours) 8 days (64 hours) 20 days (160 hours) 50 days (400 hours)
119.00 € / Hour 115.00 € / Hour 109.00 € / Hour 99.00 € / Hour 92.00 € / Hour
952.00 € 2,760.00 € 6,976.00 € 15,840.00 € 36,800.00 €
  3% saved 9% saved 20% saved 29% saved


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