Record Label and Royalty Management

Metadata matters

For label owners, the accuracy of metadata is paramount. Properly managed metadata not only ensures that music is correctly catalogued and accessible on digital platforms but also secures the rightful attribution and distribution of royalties. Using the ALV software, label managers can maintain impeccable metadata records for every track and release. This ensures every piece of music is fully traceable, safeguarding revenue and compliance.

Digitized contractual terms

ALV digitizes and manages complex royalty terms for diverse revenue streams including physical sales, digital downloads, and licensing deals. By automating the contractual parameters, ALV ensures precision in handling advances, and deductions. Artists and producers can rely on you for detailed, understandable royalty statements that reflect their true earnings, bolstering their confidence and trust in your label’s management.

Royalties automation

Automating the royalty generation process is a game-changer for label owners. ALV's automation features dramatically reduce the time and labor involved in generating royalty statements, transforming a process that used to take weeks into one that can be completed in a matter of hours. This not only saves money but also enhances operational efficiency, allowing your team to focus on artist development and monetization.

Picture of Achim Kleist. Manager of Syndicate Musicproduction.

Achim Kleist

Syndicate Musicproduction

 "Again, high praise for your service. I have never experienced a firm, that is so close to its customers and implements every useful suggestion so accurately." 

Petra Deka, ACT Music

"Awesome that ALV is covering so many needs of labels and music publishers of every size: Copyright administration, Metadata management, ERP, CRM, GEMA, statistics, as well as artists, writers, and publishers royalty statements, and so much more. And all that, with amazing support."
- Petra Deka, ACT Music+Vision GmbH+Co.KG

Metadata: Unlocking Success in the Streaming Era

In today's digital-driven music industry, meticulous management of metadata for tracks and releases is crucial for achieving success. Metadata—including essential details such as track titles, artist names, songwriter credits, genre classifications, ISRC codes for tracks, and EAN/UPC barcodes for releases—serves as the foundational digital fingerprint of music. Proper metadata management ensures that music is accurately cataloged, easily tracked and monetized, which is vital for effective marketing and precise royalty calculations.

metadata saved at one place

Sales Data and Income Tracking

Effective sales data management and income tracking are crucial for record labels. With multiple revenue streams from digital downloads, streaming, physical sales, and licensing, a comprehensive 360° approach to revenue generation is essential. Identifying errors in sales data is vital to maintain financial integrity and ensure artists receive fair compensation. This accuracy builds trust between labels and their artists, fostering more sustainable relationships. Our innovative Mapping feature allows for seamless integration of sales data from third-party sources. It enables users to customize and create their own importers according to their specific needs.

Automate to Accelerate: Save Weeks on Royalty runs

Automating royalty statements with ALV transcends mere aesthetic appeal, offering substantial time and cost savings for record labels while building trust with artists and producers. Unlike systems that prioritize "pretty diagrams," ALV ensures each royalty calculation is accurate, traceable, and verifiable. This robust traceability allows each calculation to be linked directly back to the underlying sales data and specific contract details. With ALV, label managers can confidently address any artist queries, providing detailed explanations and reinforcing ALV's role as a transparent and reliable tool in music management. 

Statements for artists

chargeable costs are taken into consideration, as well as dissolve return reserves or advance payments and split costs.

Recoupeable Costs

Set up and dissolve return reserves, automatically manage advanced payments, as well as recoupeable costs.

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Audiovisual Media

Centrally manage and access WAV-/FLAC-Audio files, Cover images and other media files, linked to Tracks and Releases.

ALV's in-house ERP creates delivery notes and concert invoices automatically.


Music industry-optimized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with Pricelists, Inventories, Invoices and Shipping documents.

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