The ALV Basic Set

The price of the cloud software ALV is 99€ a month and includes various options to digitize your business.

The ALV Basic Set includes up to:

  • 5,000 Works
  • 5,000 Tracks 
  • 5,000 Releases
  • 1 x Admin-Login
  • 1.500 Contracts
  • up to 500,000 Statement Rows per account
  • 2x *Companies (Label and/or Publishing Company)

Best of all: ALV grows with your requirements at a very reasonable cost. Scalable to any size, from solo-producer to major. 

When ordering for the first time and starting with ALV, a one-time setup consulting package must always be booked.

Price List

With various modules and bookable contigents, the software can be tailored exactly to the need of your company. We remain transparent and fair, there are no hidden costs.

Invoicing takes place dynamically according to consumption on the first day of each month.


ALV scales gradually with your business and helps you keep costs under control.

Do you need more for your ALV? The prices below apply:

Type of Resource Packages Net monthly


 Each additional set of 5,000 works 19€


 Each additional set of 5,000 tracks 19€
Releases  Each additional set of 5,000 releases 10€
Contracts  Each additional set of 50 contract 5€
Admin-Login  Each additional admin login 59€
Staff-Login  Each additional staff login 39€
*Companies  Each additional label or publishing company 79€
Pro S Account

Additional Option for increased Account Performance

up to 3,000,000 statement rows (free for users of the integrated ALV digital distribution service)

NDA-Support Priority Support with Non-Disclosure Agreement 19€

All prices only for commercial customers in EUR net plus VAT. Optionally, specific modules can be booked in the account settings to make your ALV even more individual.

Invoicing and Payment

Your ALV account is invoiced on the first day of the month. Setup Consulting is invoiced after 4 or more manhours including proof of activities.

Payments within the EU and Switzerland are made by SEPA direct debit. For more information and special requirements, or if your company does not reside in one of those countries, please contact us

You will receive your invoice documents monthly by e-mail as an attachment in PDF format. They are also available for download in your ALV account at any time.

Real-World Pricing Examples

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
ALV Basic Set A Label with 30,000 Tracks A Publisher with 100,000 Works
Up to 5,000 Works Basic set plus Basic set plus
Up to 500 contracts + 25,000 additional Tracks + 95,000 additional Works
1 x Admin Login + 2 x Staff Login + 5 x Staff Logins
99€ net monthly 272€ net monthly 734€ net monthly

All examples plus one-time Setup Consulting Package

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