Copyright Management, GEMA and CWR

With ALV you administer your copyrights in a modern and professional way, at any scale. Only ALV handles the complexities of original as well as subpublished works, co- and split-publishings and any number of global work IDs for the same work.

In case your colleagues wonder how you manage your copyrights with such ease, share your secret ("thanks to ALV"). Be at the forefront of connecting copyrights with track metadata to ride the new music industry and simplify your copyright management.

Thanks to CWR, you can share your copyrights with foreign partners and societies. ALV is a truly global solution and that enables you to manage any number of publishing companies within a single, global account.

Statistic Screen for Publishers

Original Works

Whether it be jazz or hip-hop, tv series or film sync deals, production music licensing, scores or lyrics - ALV has you covered. Original works of your publishing companies and partners, that you administer, find their central home in the ALV cloud. Direct interfaces to collecting societies like GEMA ensure a smooth flow of copyright data. CWR (Common Works Registration) work data sharing also includes Spotify for Publishers.

Sub-Published Works

You want to be the best partner for your foreign publishers? With ALV you take your whole sub-publishing business to the next level. ALV auto-calculates your per-work collection shares (COLL%) based on your individual agreements (AGR) and exports them individually or collectively in CWR format. Handle sub-publishing both ways with ALV, as licensor as well as licensee. Administer foreign catalogues, process royalties and provide transparent and detailed royalty statements to your publishing partners. Include as many sub-catalogues per deal as you wish.

Sub-publishing can be complicated sometimes due to different rulings and shares. ALV calculates the COLL% automatically and exports them in CWR format.

Noteable - Spotify for Publishing

Noteable - Spotify for Publishers

Formerly called Spotify Publishing Analytics, then Spotify for Publishing, the market leading DSPs offering for the Author, Writer and Publisher community has gone through many name changes. Now, Noteable.

The analytics tool uses publisher-provided data to offer a visual representation of a publisher’s catalog. It’s available to all publishers that can export their catalog data as CWR (Common Works Registration) files.

Publishers are able to see next day global analytics, including songwriter-specific overviews, with global and territory-specific streaming stats, playlist info, listener demographics and other publisher-specific tools, with exportable reports available throughout. With ALV as the most comprehensive repertoire management system you can easily deliver your work data in CWR format to Spotify for Publishers. Other systems that Spotify lists are Music Maestro, Django Music Publisher and That Green Thing.

Picture of Bettina Pfeifer. Manager of F&M Film- und Mediascore Musikverlag GmbH

Bettina Pfeifer

F&M Film- und Mediascore Musikverlag GmbH


"Work registration with ALV, specifically of sub-published works with an automated calculation and appending of our collection shares, is a tremendous productivity boost. Manual downloads and classifications of new works are a thing of the past."