Structure Your Metadata

Metadata is the be-all and end-all of the music business. It is all the more astonishing that the music industry almost sinks into a mass of data.

Modernize your label and collect all of your data in one place. With ALV, your company can easily and automatically take the step into digitalization.

Without complete and efficient processing, it will hardly be possible to check whether the payments due to you have been correctly allocated.

Master database with information

Master Database

With ALV, guessing and puzzles come to an end because it is the ideal master database. It not only structures new data but also brings order back to your existing inputs. Does your track accidentally have multiple ISRCs? Does your publication have several catalog numbers and EANs? ALV will take care of this problem without having to produce tons of duplicates.

Audiovisual Data

Store your audiovisual data with ALV so that you always have them at hand. From uploading your contracts in PDF format to the album cover to MP3 and Wav files, you will have everything in one place.

option to play audio data

Picture of Petra Deka, CEO of ACT Music+Vision GmbH+Co.KG

Petra Deka

ACT Music+Vision GmbH+Co.KG


"Awesome that ALV is covering so many needs of labels and music publishers of every size: Copyright administration, Metadata management, ERP, CRM, GEMA, statistics, as well as artists, writers, and publishers royalty statements, and so much more. And all that, with amazing support."