ALV is (more than) your digital distributor

Quality over quantity

We do without superfluous stores and avoid time wasters.

The following stores generate up to 99.8% of your sales:

  • Spotify 
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • Deezer
  • Facebook 
  • Youtube (+Youtube Music)
  • Tidal
  • Napster
  • Qobuz
  • Pandora

Maximize and focus on your promo success. For more streams and more fans. Missing a niche store? Talk to our Elisabeth. This openness you only get with ALV.

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Freedom for your metadata

"Metadata is cash"... conventional digital distributors and aggregators are whispering behind closed doors. And put you in chains. Full stop! With ALV, you are "the master of your data".


You are in control, not just in the digital realm, but across your entire music business:

  • track and release metadata, covers and audio masters
  • a complete Enterprise Resource Planning for physical products
  • valuable copyright management functions and GEMA sound files
  • digital contract management, from basic to super-complex

...and much more. Everything is centralized in your ALV account, all in one place and exportable at any time. Freedom, guaranteed by ALV.

Royalty Statements blitz

"My aggregator sent me a 495 MB file, but something is faulty. Help! ALV, what now?" We heard many stories like that over the last 10 years of our existence and helped out. Luckily, these miseries are behind us.


Digital Distribution now being integrated into ALV, you create your releases only once, deliver then with one click, and your monthly sales data magically lands into your ALV account automatically. Ready for royalty statements (you guessed it: with ALV).

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Full Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss with details

Full overview, complete insights. Who wants to live off streaming alone? Only with ALV you can compare digital income with all your other revenue sources, identify correlations and work like a pro. Both as a label manager or a producing music publisher.

ALV's integrated profit and loss analysis goes way beyond what old-fashioned aggregators are able to offer including to manage costs across several categories. Did a release really break-even? What is the status of the artists advance? Are you within budget? Let ALV show you.

We develop jointly with you.

Are you already an ALV user? 

Within ALV, click on Account > Modules > Digital Sales and Elisabeth will immediately get back to you to make a deal.

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