Meet Your ALV Team

For over 10 years, we have been steadily finding solutions through the thicket of complex rules, dependencies, and data graveyards in the music industry, striving for one aim: clarity.

Our commitment is to free labels and publishers from administrative constraints so that you can concentrate on the essentials again: the creative

We are constantely improving ALV in order to make the software even better and aim to meet our high expectations of ourselves. For you, we are always up to date for your successful path towards digitization.

 True to our motto:

Automating the Business of Music

Patrick Thomas

Picture of Patrick Thomas, founder of ALV

Head of Publishing Business

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Elisabeth Bonhagen

Picture of Elisabeth Fuchs, the head of our label business.

Head of Label Business


Goran Pesic

Picture of Goran Pesic the head of our software development.

Head of IS and Development

Lisa Wegner

Picture of Lisa Wegner. She is one of our three developers and takes care of the design and functionality.

Software Developer

Lea Thomas

Picture of Lea Thomas who works as a setup consultant and marketing supervisor.

Marketing and Setup Consulting

Staub S. Auger

vacuum cleaner at ALV

Facility Manager


Reinhardtstraße 14

10117 Berlin, Germany

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