Our Office in Berlin-Mitte

Our office is located in Berlin-Mitte and is easily accessible by public transport (U6S1S2S5S7S25S75, Bus 147 and N6M1 and M12). The parking garage at Reinhardtstraße 27 ("Aparthotel) is open to the public. Parking management on site.

Berlin is the ideal location for ALV. The city is further characterized by its proximity to associations such as VUT, BVMI, DMV, and GEMA. Organizations such as the Musicboard Berlin, the Berlin Music Commission, and the Initiative Musik promote and inspire music, locally and beyond Berlin.

Last but not least, the many talented, daring, and unconventional people from many different places make Berlin a metropolis that is unique worldwide. We are also happy to welcome guests to show our software and talk about the music business. 


After finishing her studies in Berlin, Elisabeth moved back to Regensburg. Here she runs the label business of ALV and takes care of the Setup Consulting. 


Niš is the third-largest city in Serbia and one of the oldest cities in Europe. Goran tirelessly develops new functions for ALV and takes care of inquiries from our customers.


The capital of Serbia developed rapidly from an agricultural state to a digital nation. Our youngest developer, Strale, takes care of the design and functionality of ALV from here. 


Reinhardtstraße 14

10117 Berlin, Germany

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